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Jiantai adheres to the core values of "teamwork and pursuit of excellence" and has formed a unique corporate culture.

One is "people-oriented". Jiantai cares for employees, provides a good working and growth environment, and promotes communication through a variety of cultural and sports activities. We attach great importance to cultivating the professional skills of employees, encouraging innovation, and fully tapping the potential of employees.

The second is "quality first". Jiantai takes "manufacturing world-class plastic machinery" as its quality policy, and strictly controls every link from design, procurement, and production to ensure that each piece of equipment is at the leading level in the industry.

The third is "customer-centric". Jiantai puts itself in the consideration of customers, maintains close communication, provides customized solutions, establishes long-term partnerships, and pursues common growth with customers.

The fourth is "environmental protection". Jiantai undertakes environmental responsibilities, develops energy-saving and environmentally friendly green machinery, optimizes production processes, and minimizes resource waste and pollution.

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