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Specialized in manufacturing plastic machinery, more customized plastic machinery for customers.
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Preferred Plastic Machinery

Machinery classification includes plastic recycling, extrusion, custom pipe, and sheet machines.

Plastic Recycling Machinery

Plastic recycling machinery processes waste plastics into reusable materials.

Plastic Pipe Machinery

Plastic pipe machinery manufactures and shapes plastic pipes for various applications.

Plastic Sheet Machinery

Plastic sheet machinery produces and shapes plastic sheets for diverse uses.

Plastic Machinery Video

A plastic machinery video showcases the operation and capabilities of plastic processing equipment.
Plastic Rattan Machine
Watch our showcase video to see our plastic extrusion machines in action, transforming raw materials into quality products with precision and efficiency. Experience the innovation driving the future of plastics manufacturing with our advanced solutions.


Professional Plastic Machinery
Experience precision and efficiency with our plastic extrusion machines, transforming raw materials into quality products. Our advanced equipment ensures reliable performance, meeting the demands of modern plastics manufacturing.


Professional Plastic Machinery
Experience efficient production with our plastic pipe machinery, delivering high-quality pipes for diverse applications with advanced technology and reliability.


Professional Plastic Machinery

User Testimonials

Jaeden Higgins
The machinery they provided us with is of the highest quality, exceeding our expectations in terms of performance and reliability. It has significantly enhanced our production processes, allowing us to achieve greater efficiency and productivity.

About JIANTAI PlasticMachinery information

Founded in 2005, formerly known as Yuyao Jiantai Plastic Machinery Factory, the company is located in Yaobei Development Zone, Yuyao City, Ningbo, close to China Plastic City, Mould City, Hardware City, with unique resources and technical advantages. Our company specializes in R&D and manufacturing of plastic extrusion machines and related supporting equipment with reliable quality and reasonable price.
We have professional R&D and manufacturing team and professional after-sales service personnel. We have our own patents and registered trademarks, and our company is ISO9001 certified. Our customers are all over the world, including international famous brand partners and domestic small and medium-sized enterprise users. Based on the principle of customer first and quality first, we create international first-class brand and let the world share Made in China!

Jiantai Customized Machinery Features

We specialize in customizing a wide range of plastics machinery for a variety of applications, including extrusion, plastic recycling, plastic pipe, and plastic sheet.
Our dedicated team of experts collaborates with you to understand your specific production needs and challenges, designing bespoke solutions that optimize efficiency and performance. Whether you require machinery for producing pipes, sheets, or specialized plastic products, we deliver innovative and high-quality equipment that enhances your operations and drives success in the plastics industry.
Enhanced Efficiency
Improved Precision

You are welcome to contact us

You are welcome to contact us for any inquiries, collaborations, or assistance you may need. Our dedicated team is here to provide you with personalized solutions and support to help you achieve your goals. Reach out to us today, and let’s explore how we can work together to drive success and innovation for your business.
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